Nonline #9 | London 07.11.14

Nonline is back with another great party. Residents Versial and Tom Breslin, who run the London promotion, have a feel for what’s required for a great clubnight. Featuring regular live electronic performances alongside a hard-to-beat roster of great guest djs, Nonline has carved a niche and established itself as something different among a sea of house and techno nights in London. Their music policy is wide-ranging but still distinct, focusing as much attention to the calibre of warm up as they do the headliner.
For a taste of what we mean, check out Versial and Tom Breslin’s recent addition to the excellent Trushmix Series.

Their next party sees three of London’s own, the To The Bone DJs, joining the residents at the newly renovated Tipsy, in Stoke Newington. If you know To The Bone or Nonline, you’ll know the type of fun to be had on November 7th.

To The Bone DJs Versial Tom Breslin

More Info Through The Flyer

To The Bone is a popular monthly podcast show, curated by Charlie BennettRik Moran & Dave Stenton. We could easily spend a few lines describing the show’s ethos, mentioning the musical diversity and collective music knowledge of the trio of hosts all wrapped up in a perpetually humorous tone…. but we won’t!! Their own website describes them best;

1. Have you ever woken up at 5 in the afternoon to the sound of the run-out groove of a Blake Baxter record that’s been on for 8 hours?
2. Is your tinnitus set to 122 bpm?
3. Has house music ever affected your ability to do your job?
4. Is house music your job?
5. Have you ever looked at a tree and thought you could see it breathe?
6. Do you wish you’d been 18 in 1988?
7. Were you 18 in 1988?
8. Have you ever used Night Nurse recreationally?
9. Do you regularly use house music to block out disturbing thoughts in your life?
10. Do you think some dogs are sexy?

If the answer to 5 or more of these questions was “Yes”, then you’ll love TOTHEBONE


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