MN Show Catchup

As the site was down for a while, there are a few podcasts to catch up on…

The first was a solo set from Cavalier Records founder and all-round nice guy, Tom Breslin.

The second was an off the cuff jam with mi amigo David Rees. Mostly old school electro. I won’t bother with a tracklist for this as we’ll most likely expand on the idea soon after the Podcast’s official launch in March.

MN Show 2


Now based in Berlin, booking agent to many of electronic musics top names, Ben Start called by for a mix and a quick chat. Tracklist included for this one…


1. Bronski Beat – Infatuation
2. Shannon – Let The Music Play (Dub)
3. Five Green Circle – Four Four Fives {Big Up D1 records!}
4. Real By Reel – Distance
5. June – Lost Area (Sprinkles Lost Dancefloor)
6. Kevin Reynolds – Liaisons
7. Krush – House Arrest (The Beat Is The Law)
8. Lerosa – Your Soul
9. Modern Mechanical Music – Persia (Dub)
10. Patrick Cowley – Pagan Rhythms
11. Analog Buffet – Beer Bottle Jam (Live) {Recorded Live From Deepest, Darkest Monaghan}

12. Chaos In The CBD – Midnight In Peckham
13. Kickflip Mike & Reverend G – Magic Loop
14. Annie Errez – Bell Curve
15. Jus Ed – Heaven Sent
16. Sanasol – The Nomal Spot
17. Process – Integ (Markus Guentner Remix)
18. The Rhythm Odyssey & Doctor Dunks – Big Fish (Marcellus Pittman Remix)
19. Dream Version – A Side
20. Mr. G – Billares Londres The Rum Mix
21. Nail – Optimus
22. Auchterbahn D’Amour- Holy Romance Empire (Marcellus Pittman Remix)
23. Terron – The Game’s Overture
24. Chamboche – Tusk Wax 18 A1

Words by Pete Cadden


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