MN Show w/ Tom Breslin

House and Disco Dictionary, Ward of the North and the only non-MN MNer, Tom Breslin joined me with a bag of records this past weekend and this here’s what happened, hi!!

Audio Only

Tom runs Nonline here in London with Versial aka Paul Fanning. Together they put on one of my favourite nights. Not just booking one name to play a phoned-in, two-hour set when everyone’s pissed, they craft each line up from the moment the doors open.

Check out the Trush Mix the guys did a while back if you haven’t already. You can thank me later x

(The MN Show, Amen Brother Podcast, Beats @ Pete’s…? As of yet I really have no idea what to call these shows so feel free to suggest something to us on Twitter or Faceache.)

Grammatical Atrocities By Pete Cadden

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