MN presents… Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir @ Pogo

As part of the ‘Becks Vier Rhythm Weekender’ on Oct 15th, MN will be hosting Detroit Techno veteran, Anthony “Shake” Shakir, at Pogo. Shake will play alongside ISM’s Kenny Hanlon & Pogo’s Barry Redsetta.
Anthony Shakir is a true innovator of techno with a music career spanning over three decades. He worked on early Transmat and Metroplex releases in the 80’s as a producer, writer, engineer and as he previously joked, a janitor. Shake played a role in shaping early Detroit techno associated with Juan Atkins and Derrick May. Mentoring close friend Claude Young in his early years, he’s the man accredited with teaching him how to mix records. Perhaps Shake’s most notable accomplishment in the 80’s was his track, Sequence 10, which appeared on classic techno LP, “Techno! The New Dance Sound Of Detroit “, an album often cited as the origins of Detroit Techno.
During the 90’s, Shake had numerous releases on labels such as 7th City, Sublime Records, Interface & Peacefrog and also a series of EP’s on his own label, Frictional. He also played an integral part of legendary Detroit group, Urban Tribe, with Carl Craig, Kenny Dixon Jr. and Sherard Ingram (DJ Stingray). Despite his influence over first and second wave Detroit techno and his releases throughout the 90’s & 00’s, it wasn’t until recently that Shake earned widespread recognition. Often described as an unsung hero and under-appreciated, Shake’s profile rose significantly with the release of a 4×12”LP set entitled “Frictionalism 1994 – 2009”. The albums, released on Rush Hour, span much of Shake’s career with influences drawn from funk, electro, jazz and techno. A man with a rich history, back catalogue and variety of influences, his set at Pogo will be a journey through the sounds that have shaped Shake’s musical identity throughout his long career.
Strong support on the night comes from Kenny Hanlon and Barry Redsetta. Pogo resident, Barry Redsetta’s eclectic selections and finely tuned ear is exemplified by his weekly radio show and podcast on Spin 130.8, Filter. The interplanetary disco dancing podcast showcases the best in electro, house, local releases, downtempo music & electronica. Sharing warm-up duties with Barry is Kenny Hanlon. Kenny has had a busy time lately. His new label, Apartment Records’ much anticipated first release has just landed. The stripped back Detroit infused house record from NCW entitled Panther Veil, is a strong three track debut for the label. Kenny is also a regular contributor for popular blog ISM.
The basement isn’t the only great lineup in The Twisted Pepper that night!!
Choice Cuts host JRocc vs Cut Chemist and Amen Brother favourite Handsome Paddy in the Stage Room and sOAPBOX get their party on in the Box Room.
More Info on the rest of the night’s lineup here
Tickets on sale now via
All City,,, and Spin Dizzy

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