Lerosa – Genuine People Mix

mntothat.com are very pleased to bring you a new guest mix from Dublin based DJ/Producer Lerosa. Originally from Italy, Leopoldo Rosa has been DJing since the the early 90s and been releasing quality house music music for the best part of a decade. Rather than bore you with a rehashed version of his RA blurb, we had Leo answer a few quick questions purely out of our own curiosity as fans. Oh, and he only went and done a sweet ass mix for us too!! Enjoy!!

1. Hey Leo, first off, what do use in your studio?
I use Ableton Live 5 for sequencing and main mixing duties. Hooked up via midi I have a Nord Lead 2, a Roland JP8000 and a Yamaha RM1X, a sort of groove box/drum machine. I also use a couple of Behringer midi controllers as a tactile interface for Ableton.
For playing live I use a laptop with Live and a Behringer controller.

2. Out of the collection, both software and hardware, what is your favourite tool? The one you can’t do without.
The Nord Lead 2 was my first synth and I am quite attached to it. I like the Yamaha RM1X a lot too, it used to be my main sequencer and if I had to switch to another sequencer that would be it. But yea, the Nord Lead 2, I love it.

3. What’s your view of the Irish ‘scene’ and where would you like to see the changes/improvements made?
I think in terms of house producers there’s some very interesting stuff with Leonid, TR-one and more recently Slowburn. Also bigger guns like John Daly who has been releasing amazing music for a while now. Not too housey but Automatic Tasty is another excellent producer.

It doesn’t feel like much of a scene, it’s thin on the ground but then again it’s nice that it’s so small and cosy. I know most of these people people personally and it’s all very much genuine people with an honest interest for the music rather than a ‘scene’.

I like Lunar Disco a lot both as label, promoters and friends, also Test, and more recently Fluxy from Phonic. (Fluxy recently promoted a gig with Leo & Tevo Howard in Kennedy’s, which was one of the highlights of the year) In general the opening hours for clubs are probably the single biggest obstacle for a proper scene to develop, followed closely by the costs these promoters incur in organising gigs, prices have to come down especially as what most clubs have on offer is mediocre sound systems.

4. What are you listening to right now?
Joy Division, Unknown Pleasures .

5. What producer/s would you recommend to keep an eye on?
Locally?  TR-one and Automatic Tasty. The latest EPs from both have been very good.
Outside of Ireland I’d say Hakim Murphy from Chicago and Jitterbug from London.

6. What’s the latest on your next release?
I have a new 12″ on Uzuri scheduled for November, it’s called “Facade EP”, quite on the old school chicago tip. Further down the line an LP, for Uzuri, next year, around March we hope.

Lerosa – Genuine People Mix  for mntothat.com
Recorded Aug’10

1. Brawther – Negentropy
2. Delano Smith – Something For Myself
3. Joint Movement – A100
4. Tyree Cooper ft. Tony David –Get Up
5. DJ Marley Marl – Beyond
6. Trailer Ends – Runnin Around
7. Sub Culture – Come Back _ Remix
8. Chris Carrier, Jef K & Chez Damier – In My System
9. San Proper – Love Baby Love
10. DJ Yoav B – Higher Love
11. Jeremiah Feat. Vusa Mkhaya – Kliaurileza _ Oracy Mix
12. Shake – Rise _ Trus’Me Mix
13. Fred P – Emotive Vibrations
14. Tevo Howard – Move

Lerosa – Genuine People

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