Barry Greaves – 1/4 For 2 Wheels comes at you with an exclusive mix from Barry Greaves next. Our first contact with Barry was at a party in Dublin a few years back, where he was described as the DJ who answered all his other DJ mates questions. Our first impressions were that he was some sort of session mystic/agony savant but soon found out it’s because he was the true definition of the DJ’s DJ. No bravado, just an honest interest in the beats. An interest that stems back to the turn of the millennium when his older brother schooled him in the ways of jocks like Mills , Hood and Drexciya. (No Jeremy Healy for ol’Baz!) That initial taste led Barry to acquire his first set of decks via some shrewd bartering (the name of the mix should give you a clue) and the rest is history.
This mix has a bit of everything. Starts off deep and ends on a slightly harder industrial sound, with some sweet acid in between. It’s been on repeat since we got it, enjoy!!
Catch Barry in The Sweeney Mongrel (formerly Le Cirk) on Dame St. Dublin on Sept 17th supporting Fran Hartnett (For Free!!) and in Kennedy’s on Westland Row for ‘Mad Hatter’ on Oct 15th. (For Money!!!)
Barry Greaves – 1/4 For 2 Wheels
1. Dreesvn – Untitled . Sex Tags Mania
2. Sub mania & Ekmoah – Sync World . Aspeak
3. Marko Furstenberg – bbt edit – Artless
4. Horiztontal Ground – 5a . HG
5. Martyn – Mini Luv . Ostgut Ton
6. Skudge – Convoultion – Aardvark Mix . Skudge
7. Silent Servant – Sampler 1b . Sandwell District
8. Kraftwerk – Expo 2000 – Abe Duque Mix . White
9. Kero – Vikkie . Semantica
10. Ozka – Shown Patterns . Mowar
11. The Hacker – Haunted – Banda Banetti Mix . Minimal Rome
13. Tama Sumo & Prosumer – Alien Mutts . Diamonds & Pearls
12. Ricardo Miranda – Black Acid . Rush Hour
14. Levon Vincent – Solomon Days . Deconstruct
15. Traversable Wormhole – 4a . TW
16. Andy Stott – Night Jewel . Modern Love
17. James T Cotton – Oochie Coo . Spectral Sound
18. Maskin Ljud – Filterad Symphoni . Farden
19. Female – Advanced Bossa Remixes b2 . RSB
20. Claro Intelecto – Mono . AI Records
21. Kero – Torq Theme . Semantica


  • Damien


    Super looking tl, look forward to downloading.

  • I’dlove tot know the comment around the 47 min mark, its wacked out.