Fortstock Festival | June 23/24

Fortstock Festival takes place on June 23/24 on Vance’s Estate, just outside of Clones, Co. Monaghan. will be hosting the dance area, The Funky Funky Place with a selection of our favourite DJs from midday to 9pm each day followed by the nightshift, who will see the party into the wee hours. With most genres covered (Funk, Soul, HipHop, Disco, House, Techno) there’s something for everyone. Here’s a little on the guys we have playing for us…


DJ Stop. (Amen Brother/
Amen Brother’s latest addition,  DJ Stop. is a stalwart of Dublin’s Funk and  Hip Hop scene. A consummate vinyl collector, Stop.’s ‘Passion Of The Crates’ radio show on has been the funky soundtrack to Dublin’s Thursdays for a quite a while now.

ELEMENTAL IRL (Belfast City Breakers, Sinister Industry, SoulSonic, FullCircle, Hype)
DJ Elemental a.k.a. Colin Cathcart, hailing from Belfast, is one of Ireland’s premiere Breaks/Hiphop DJs and Beat Makers and has worked under various pseudonyms guises and projects over the years including, Element115, Solarise and Sinister Industry. Producing and engineering numerous Artists and remixes in different genres primarily HipHop Breaks, and Breakbeat.
Elemental regularly DJ’s all the jams and competitions on the Bboy Circuit including the official Battle of Ireland (2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008), Kings of Concrete (2006- Present), and has residencies at Just Jam – Newcastle Upon Tyne, Skye – Belfast, Antidote – Belfast, Full Circle, Thompsons (Belfast), The Breaks (tripod Dublin) Various Venues Ibiza and Berlin.

Realsound are a crew after MN’s hearts. Not interested in self promotion, they see the true benefit in supporting the scene with their excellent music technology classes. They’re responsible for many of the up and coming djs and producers around Dublin.  Apart from all that, Doug and Barry are two fantastic djs, and two of the very best in the country. Having played with a who’s who of techno royalty over the years, they’re definitely going to blow the roof off the Funky Funky Place this year!

Doug Cooney (Realsound)
Barry Greaves (Realsound)

Dave Southwell
(Beat BBQ Belfast)
Dave’s a Belfast Dj and promoter of the Beat BBQ. Running one of the many great independent house and techno nights in Belfast, Dave’s played alongside the likes of Jus Ed, Kenny Larkin and other big names on the house music circuit.

The Toasty Beats record label is the brainchild of three young djs and producers from Monaghan who are currently finishing off their sound technology studies in England. Their showcase at Fortstock this year will include live performances from the lads along with a taste of their djing to boot! Expect lots more from this local talent!!
Dan Gibson (Toasty Beats)
Ryan Mulligan (Toasty Beats)

And of course ourselves….
The MN Collective was set up to encourage DJs and producers from Monaghan to get involved with the scenes that they’ve been following for years. Their site,, is intended not only as a platform to promote themselves and anyone they believe are doing great things musically around the country but to also give up and coming djs and producers a chance to get involved. (Blah Blah Blah!!)

Tom Breslin (MN)
MN’s own resident Nordy, Tom Breslin loves all things house. From the classic Chicago sound to the more recent Berlin classics, Tom’s got your 4/4 needs covered!!

Sean Gilheaney (Amen Brother/MN)
Sean’s currently finishing off his sound technology education in Dublin and plays house sets for a number of Dublin promotions.
He’s also part of the MN Collective’s alternative promotion, Amen Brother, with a broad sound policy covering everything from soul, funk, jazz to old skool rap, and electro. The overall empathise is Old Skool so leave your dubstep shuffle at home, they come to groove!!

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