ABP2 – ThatBoyTim

ThatBoyTim joined me for some electro old and new this past Sunday. As usual, the guest dj and music were just as spectacular as my ability to fuck up the microphone levels, yet again, so I’ve provided some links and blurb below the video to fill you in on any missed conversation.

Audio Only

Tim’s radio show Continuum on Futuremusic.fm has been a staple of our diet here on mntothat.com for a while now. (Check out his recent guest mix from Mike Falvey for a taste of what ThatBoyTim brings every fortnight)

Tim also runs Bop Gun along with Platinum Ray, a brilliant night covering “rhythms from every spectrum of the funk-time contimuum”. Tim has brought the show to London with his recent move over.

I’m very pleased to be part of the line up for the next Bop Gun which is in Bar A Bar on May 16th and headlined by Duke Slammer, who some may know as the alter ego of Luke’s AngerWe were lucky enough to catch Señor Slammer début his new live set at Nightclubbing  in Brixton recently and it’s safe to say its the most fun this nightclubber has had in a while. A great night with great, varied line ups.

Joining Duke for Bop Gun on May 16th are  DJ Controlled Weirdness and Glasgow’s finest Bop Gun/Unit Trax along with, of course, the founders of the party, ThatBoyTim and Platinum Ray.


Grammatical Atrocities By Pete Cadden

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