AB18 | Sergio Rizzolo

The Amen Brother Disco Band step aside for Vol III to welcome a hero and good friend of the label, Sergio Rizzolo. A man with a similar vision for finding those leftfield dancefloor oddities, he is constantly searching for pysch-fused gems and regularly surfaces with a sound that is unique to him and always stand-out fresh.

Amen Brother Records Vol III

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A long term contributor to the popular prejka.se, Sergio also runs his own blog, Diskoakademin. Both are a source for music discovery and culture where Sergio regularly contributes with articles, reviews, mixes and tips from his recent digs. His edits have recently just started to make their way on to wax thanks to our friends at Diavol and Joe’s Bakery.

It was inevitable that we’d have him contribute at some point and we’re just glad we got in at the start of what we expect will be the first of many!

Sergio has also kindly contributed the latest Amen Brother mix, an example of what to expect when you drop the needle….

AB 18 | Sergio Rizzolo – The Stoner’s Apprentice

“Based on McKenna’s theory of human evolution, Stoned Apes is a chronological visualisation in rhythm. From the funky grooves of the deep forests of our ancestors to the mind-expanding territory of synesthesia; onward and outward into the unknown cosmos of our destined future – we begin our trip.

Like a Freak in his Freak Kingdom, our gonzo discjockey hits the streets to sum up the sound of stoner disco in this hommage to the stoner communitys annual celebration.

Denim-clad guitar riffs drone on as psychedelic synthesisers squiggle their way around a groove so stoned you’ll wake up in a tent on the beach by the time the fog clears up.

The epic Greek tale of Ulysses is told in this balls out version of The Odyssey. Ulysses wife Penelope delivers her farewells on the shores of Ithaca as her husband plunges out to fight the Trojan War. B-boys and headbangers alike will enjoy this breaks ‘n’ riff fest.

Strangers World offers a low-slung, laid back, late-night visit to the adult-oriented nightlife of a Los Angeles full of fear & loathing, tough deals and poolhalls serving beer. Just keep a steady eye on the backdoor and don’t lose your cool.”

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