AB17 | Nomad Uno (Kwansa)

We kick off a wintery 2014 with some much needed musical heat in the form of a dance floor ready afro mix from Berlin based Dj, Urban Artist, Promoter and Producer, Nomad Uno. Drawing heavily from the past to create something fresh can be heard both in many of Nomad’s solo mixes and also in his productions with Dirk Leyers under Africaine 808. Thankfully we get more of the same in this recent mix where he touches on some unknown Cuban, Latin, Funk, Jazz and disco afro sounds while also throwing in a few modern reworks on some recent African dance floor discoveries.

AB17 | Nomad Uno (Kwansa) by Amen Brother

Many thanks to Nomad for putting this together for us, hope you enjoy as much as we did! :)

Nomad Uno Mixcloud
Nomad Uno Soundcloud
Africaine-808 Soundcloud

A bit more about Nomad…

If you ask Nomad what his profession or mission in life is, he answers : “Freedom”. Nomad is the blueprint of the contemporary Urban Artist. Educated and inspired by the Skateboarding, Hardcore Punk, Graffiti, HipHop and Rave Countercultures of the 80’s, his visual imprint on the early Berlin Street Art scene was immense. His Thousands of freestyle Roadside trash paintings and marker drawings on Berlins streets, earned him countless admirers and collectors and made his art visible all over the world – from Blogs and books to the homes of Hollywood Stars. His style – created by his lifestyle as a a vagabond- is always evolving and incorporates “the necessary” – as he proclaims to use whatever style or material is available to maximize the focus on the pleasure of the creation. This can be a Renaissance inspired canvass in his studio, a marker-scribble on a doorway or trashcan, a graffiti bombing on the wall of a huge dam or a sculpture made out of some tumbleweeds in the desert. If Basquiat and Haring had had a Bastard Child, Nomad would be on his Facebooks friends list. Nomad’s works magically reminds us that art does not need boundaries, nor does the artist. It’s a simple celebration of freedom, life and it’s vanity. It’s a healthy breath of fresh air in a world that is tied up with circumstances and definitions. If you don’t like his art, you still gonna love his music. NOMAD was a successful DJ , Musician, Sound engineer and Party Organizer long before he became recognized as a visual Artist. He’s the founder and heart of VULKANDANCE collective and Record label (www.vulkandance.com) which hosts monthly parties with some of the worlds Hottest DJ’s. The unique mix of vintage Disco, Afro and Modern Soul Grooves has earned VULKANDANCE events worldwide recognition. As Africaine 808 (with Dirk Leyers) Current releases include tracks and remixes for labels like W.T. recordings, DFA , Beats in Space and Golf Channel .

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