AB16 | Antony Kein (In Alto Mare)

Picture by Antony Kein

Antony Kein is back with another journey through his blissful record collection for AB 16. It’s been a while since Mr Kein has serenaded us but it hasn’t been all cocktails and sun-kissed ladies by the pool for our man in Greece, …we promise! His recent mix on The Growing Bin blog is testament of that.

Apart from the aforementioned pool party extravaganzas, of which he never attends, (…promise?) Antony has kindly found time to don his Alfredo Pants and his Harvey …hat to serve up a deep sunset infused weapon, fit for more than just the summer months. Not bad for someone who never indulges in the wistful, dream-like adventures eluded to in his vast music collection…..

We imagine this is what 007 listens to when he’s spending some quality-time the latest post-badguy-squeeze,  somewhere in the Mediterranean. Music selection at it’s best.

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AB16 | Antony Kein (In Alto Mare) by Amen Brother

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