AB15 | Baron Saturday – Garage Grooves

The latest Amen Brother mix marks the welcome return of Justin Dobson aka Baron Saturday. Once again he’s blown us away with a superb selection of “the punkier side of american garage rock, with a bit of psych at the end and all the usual ‘wacky’ noises.

Here, just take our money!!!

You’ll find Justin playing at Amen Brother in The Princess Alice over the summer. With a fine selection of beers, ales,  on top of an even better spread of pals, you should come to party but please don’t get us wet or feed us after midnight!

More info on our upcoming parties soon!

0. Intro – Look Away Now; And Die………
1. The Banshees – Project Blue
2. Tree – No Good Woman
3. The Chob – We’re Pretty Quick
4. The Zakary Thaks – Bad Girl
5. The Wig – Crakin’ Up
6. Positivley 13 o’clock – Psychotic Reaction
7. The Sonics – The Witch
8. The Wailers – Out Of Our Tree
9. The Nazz -Open My Eyes
10. The Litter – Action Woman
11. The Count Five – Peace Of Mind
12. The Chocolate Watch Band – Sweet Young Thing
13. Kim Fowley – Bubblegum
14. 13th Floor Elevators – Wait For My Love
15. The Balloon Farm – Question Of Temperature
16. Elios – By My Side
17. The Misunderstood – Children Of The Sun
18. Outro …A Public Information Film Regarding Hot Dogs And LSD
19. The Bonniwell Music Machine – The Eagle Never Hunts The Fly


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