AB14 | Long Distance Dan – Raw On The Floor


Happy New Year one n’all!!

The new year brings with it a new podcast. This time from Amen Brother favourite Long Distance Dan. Dan’s been busy with his blog the Left Hand Side lately, sniffing out some of the best underground hip hop you’ll hear around the interwebz. (And you can beleee dat!!! *gets coat)

Dan’s first AB mix was a selection of heavy psych numbers and one of our most popular to date. This time, however, he has delivered a completely different monster for your, one or more, ear holes. Never treading too far from the signature psych undertones, he’s gone for a more contemporary and electronic sounding selection of breatz and beakz. From tripped-out funk and psych to rap and back, enjoy this wee mix a big bit!!

Long Distance Dan will also be joining Amen Brother for a few sessions in The Castle, London this February. More info on all that very soon.

Amen Brother Vol.14 – Long Distance Dan (Raw On The Floor)

1. Controller 7 – Shades of a Former You
2. The Broken Keys – Slongshot Pt.2
3. DJ Format – Battle Of The Planets
4. Mono/Poly – Needs Deodorant
5. Quakers – R.A.I.D
6. Big Daddy Kane – Another Victory
7. Joey Beats – Spikes For The Punch Bowl
8. RJD2 – Let There Be Horns
9. Brayaz – Keep It Dereal
10. DJ Signify – Delight To The Sadist
11. Req – Friscobeat
12. Kobalt 60 – Kaos From Order
13. DJ Format – Spaceship Earth ft. Edan
14. Controller 7 – I Tried To Speak, But Couldn’t
15. One Cut – Strong But Local Product

Amen Brother Vol.14 – Long Distance Dan (Raw On The Floor) by Amen Brother


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